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#SAMP: Inspiring Kindness

SAMP is a silicon valley nonprofit organization that aims to spread and encourage unity by giving back to communities through various acts of kindness. I think we fail to realize how such simple acts of kindness can create a big impact on our communities! #SAMP is not only promoting empathy but is inspiring us to build a society filled with concern and consideration for others!

I initially received the idea to start #SAMP when I was scrolling through Instagram and encountered a picture of a healthcare worker exhausted and crying. At that moment, I realized how necessary it was to thank the people that are putting themselves at risk everyday and working endlessly to help others. That was when I came up with our first project- if there was a way for me to spread positivity in my community, then it would be through thank you cards.

So, I immediately got to work and to my surprise, many other students were willing to support my cause! I managed to gather a team of 30 aspiring high school students and together, we have delivered 3,600 thank you cards to 12 locations across the Silicon Valley. We also received quite a few thank you messages and cards digitally, which we have displayed on our website and Instagram page. Feel free to visit our website at and instagram page @samp.official

- Rajvee Patel

President and Founder of #SAMP

I hope through the #SAMP initiative we could create streaks of kindness in our own circles and become compassionate individuals for a positive tomorrow. Organisations like SAMP sure knows how to make a difference!

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