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Little Things by Ishikaa Bedia

When was the last time you appreciated the full whole meal you’d had at a restaurant with your family? When was the last time you were happy for what you already have with you? When were you sad because you couldn’t get that one thing you were begging for to your parents? Each and everyday we wake up with a thought to achieve something to do something. We never forget the big things that we get. We appreciate them, we wish to achieve them. But do all these things really matter? As a matter of fact they do.

Everything is important. But in the process of achieving these big things are we forgetting to appreciate the little things in our life? Like the smile on your parents face, the little cake you give yourself after you do something good, the last time you waited for an old person to cross the road. These are the thing one should strive for. Because in the end you don’t take all the big things with you but these little moments of happiness. These are the things which define you as a person. These are the things that are going to matter in the end. So in this busy life of yours,in this life hustle, pause for sometime to appreciate these things because in the end it’s the little things that matter.

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