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HOME by Jigyasa Jain

As a writer I love to bleed my emotions and feelings on the paper, I like to confide into a diary or some old notebook that has been lying around for god knows how long. The smell of the pages, the rustic old ink, the messy handwriting, my inner voice and the true words are something that helps me to move on, imagine and speculate better. I for a fact know that a lot of people are not interested in writing (might be boring to some, time consuming, not as helpful etc.); but as for me writing has helped a lot. When I am angry, sad, happy or bottled up with mixed up emotions the pages do not complaint they just endure it all without saying anything and that teaches me to stay calm and be a good listener at all times

One of the most important thing that writing has taught me is how to become a book or story that everybody can get lost into or trust or confide in; to be more understanding and helpful. My comfort and home is writing but its not the same for everyone. It can be anything you like or anything that takes your stress away or makes you forget about the bad things or celebrates with you the happy and nostalgic moments. Its important for an individual to find a true home that literally means something and holds special place not only in their heart or mind but is also special to their soul. And its not mandatory that it should be a thing or a diary or story. It can be anything literally! As a social being you just need to find your true source of happiness and a perfect home to store and share the ecstatic and painful memories. And when one day you run out of road, I assure you, you'll never be homeless!

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