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DIY: An Amazing Youth Initiative To Develop India

Developing Indian Youth (DIY) is a volunteering organisation with a mission to ensure mental, physical and economic development of Indian Youth. Founded by Harshit Goyal, it is executed by motivated 14-18 high school students with a zeal to bring and inspire change.

The soul reason behind starting DIY was to connect Youth and bring them together for something good. As we know that everyone talks about doing good things but due to our busy lives no one is able to do stuff, for that we had a solution. We arranged everything and started reaching to teenagers who can devote their time in this, all they have to do is take out sometime on Sunday and join us for different events and serve the society.  We started two different programs called SpreadingSmiles and GoGreenWithDIY.  The mission spreading smiles was completely focused on the kids and their education. We started conducting different donations and education drives where we used to help poor kids with their needs as well as provide them with quality knowledge through different games and activities. We also had conversations with them to improve their living standards and tried to reduce the problems faced by them. Go Green With DIY was focused upon protecting mother earth and keeping our environment clean. In a short span of the rainy season, we planted more 1000 plants and saplings. We also motivated people to live a sustainable life and use eco-friendly products. We have also conducted many climate strikes with the help of Fridays For Future Indore and tried to spread our message to a large number of people. Every time we have an event there is so much positive energy and happiness around which the biggest motivation for all of us at DIY. We try our best to provide value in the society and the support of our families and friends we will continue doing this forever.

- Harshit Goyal

Founder of DIY

You can join this exceptional organisation and bring change that would help and inspire millions!

You can register yourself on DIY's official website,

Follow the inspiring journey of DIY on Instagram @developingindianyouth

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