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Barren Knowingness by Jigyasa Jain

I was going through some of my old stuff, the secret diaries,chits of the talks that come along during boring lectures, lyrics of my favourite songs scribbled on those beautiful rustic pages and those words in the diaries describing special happenstances which now seem  extravagant and full of wondrous and brutal memories. I love going through my old stuff again and again and yet all over again.

WHY? you might think i am creepy or might be wondering what am i achieving or getting by spending time going through my stuff again and again. the answer is simple, •Inspiration •Hope •Warmth are the three entities that makes one a true survivor. Its how we survive perfectly from all the battles we face. we need these three entities as a force that doesn't act like friction in our lives but instead makes everything frictionless and keeps pushing us forward towards the ladder of our glorious dreams, but as for a fact we know that no surface is frictionless or no path is as smooth but that opposing force or say the battle, the puddles occur for a reason. the battlefield is a crucial yet the most beautiful sight for an individual. It is the visual composition of our mistakes, lessons and victory. The puddles are also astonishing visualization which clear our path. Its hard I know but we just need to keep one thing in mind that it will get better soon, like it always does. I promise. I want you to promise me that you won't let go, no matter what happens. You'll hang on to enjoy the victory and to celebrate your bravery!

By Jigyasa Jain Writer For Change

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