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Self Reflection Webinar by Vivienne Lee and Sophia Shieh


Jigyasa Jain

SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

The Amygdala is an initiative by some Choithramians, serving as a global virtual platform to bring advancements and comprehensive awareness towards ideas that can create an impact. On September 10, 2020, they organised a webinar on the theme “Self Reflection: It’s Not All In Our Head” in collaboration with Apricity, a creative outlet of Jigyasa Jain connecting young people through books, clubs, creative digital services, and a blog promoting independent prospects, diverse thoughts, ideas and talents.

The event witnessed the participation of attendees from different countries – India, USA, Argentina, Philippines, Lebanon, Brazil and emphasised on how self-reflections give rise to self-discovery, help individuals grow, develop and extract value from their mistakes. As a student, it can often be tiring and strenuous to respond to stimulations both academic and otherwise which may aggravate anxiety, stress and identity issues. The webinar encompassed an hour of various interactive sessions, fun activities and healthy discussions upon possible ways in which one can practice self-reflection and embrace their innate self-love during this pandemic.

Vivienne Le, a mental health specialist at Mclean Hospital, Boston shared her experiences of how travelling, volunteering, cutting off social media and living in the moment helped her move at the right pace amidst difficulties she had to conquer as an individual. She also accentuated how self-help books helped her throughout the journey. She conducted a fun Tibetan personality test to help youngsters recognise their priorities in life and shared with us amazing methods of journaling, positive affirmations to discover our true self and nurture this core feeling.

Sophia Shieh, an Active Minds board member talked about the thin line that separates overthinking and introspection, imposter syndrome & showcased a TED talk ‘Fake it till you become it’ by Amy Cuddy which focused on how non-verbal expressions of power and dominance can boost self-confidence. Through a 60-second Pixel Thought activity, she provided a relaxing and optimistic approach to deal with situations that cause anxiety and stress. The session ended on a positive note that this pandemic has given us a valuable resource - ‘time’, an opportunity to self reflect, recalibrate our emotions and enhance our skills.