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Finding Your Ikigai! By Dr. Dheerendra Prasad, Mr. Samendra Prasad & Ms. Shefalika Prasad


Charvi Gangwani

DECEMBER 20, 2020

With 2020 approaching its end, we are soon going to embark into 2021, with fresh hopes, new discoveries and perspectives. To mark this end with positivity and self growth, the Amygdala Forum conducted this year’s last international webinar, on December 20, 2020, on the theme 'Finding Your Ikigai' which means finding one's purpose in life, a reason for being. The gathering witnessed active participation of more than 30 students and teachers across the globe. We were elated by the presence of our guest speakers, Dr. Dheerendra Prasad - Professor and Medical Director, Radiation Medicine at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, New York. Sameendra Prasad - A stamps, Rodman and Jefferson scholar, working at Swiss Re as an Environmental Analyst and Shefalika Prasad - a Jefferson and Echols scholar at the University of Virginia, on the pre med track studying cognitive science and drama. Our eminent panel of speakers was from diverse walks of life enabling the audience to get a broader perspective into questions surrounding career paths.

The webinar emphasised a person’s intuition and curiosity as powerful internal parameters which help us in connecting with/finding our ikigai. It was concluded how in today’s world, we all are competing to achieve high, to be the protagonists of the story but amid this endless cycle, we fail to discover and reflect our true self. The session allowed the audience to self-reflect and seek answers to their queries. It was also noticed how people tend to neglect the importance of personal freedom and self-reflection. Especially for adolescents, balancing stress becomes very difficult. The webinar was a means to elucidate the meaning of self-reflection and introspection, reasons why it is important, how it affects our mental well being and resources and techniques for practising it ourselves.