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De-Stress With Us! By Ms. Yogita Chhablani Pande


Nandini Bhachawat

DECEMBER 2, 2020

On December 02, 2020 the Amygdala, a student led global forum and an initiative of some Choithramians, organised their 5th international webinar on the theme ’De-Stress with us!' The session witnessed participation of 65 students and teachers from Philippines, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Bangladesh and India. With the exam season around the corner, the webinar was successful in finding answers to the complex theory of stress, boosting the potential of students, and helping them feel relaxed and energised!

The resource person, Ms. Yogita Chhablani Pande, is a certified Image Consultant from Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, a NABET certified trainer and is also trained in one of the most popular psychotherapy that is RECBT from prestigious Albert Ellis Institute, New York. She got everyone engaged by introducing the new concepts of 'eustress' and 'good worry', emphasising why a certain level of stress and worry are not particularly bad for your mental health - which made everyone view stress in a different light. Her personal experiences aligned with the scientific aspect of how one should break down stress were extremely beneficial and eye-opening. Due to the immersive nature of the webinar, many questions on stage fright, test anxiety were welcomed and impeccably answered. The session was a wonderful combination of active participation and new perspectives translating into a positive trajectory.